Maude's Store

4 Harbour Street

Forrester and Lemon's first grain store was built for A H Maude in 1875 was rather simple in design compared to their later projects.  The Maude grain store is conspicuous for its use of local greystone. 

It is one of the few stone buildings in Oamaru not constructed of the familiar white limestone.  

For many years Lane's Emulsion a 'tonic' given to countless New Zealand children up until the 1960s was manufactured in Maude's Store.


The Victorian Wardrobe

The largest and finest collection of Victorian styled clothing anywhere in NZ! 

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Harbour Street Bakery

Handcrafted traditional bread, pies and pastries.

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Deja Moo Ice Cream

Scoop ice cream handcrafted in Oamaru's Victorian Precinct. 

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