Going ‘Victorian’ Made Easy!


Keep it simple with a long skirt with fullness at the back, plenty of petticoats, a long sleeved, high necked frilly blouse (it’s a good time to get Grandma’s brooches out) boots and a hat. 

There’s plenty of opportunities to go to town with your hat—flowers, ribbons, lace, net, feathers or just a plain boater with ribbons. An apron could be added if its appropriate for the type of stall you are running. Top your outfit off with a fitting jacket, shawl or cape. The most important bit isto have some fun with planning your costume.


Boys and girls were miniatures of grown ups—so tweed caps and waistcoats for boys, collarless shirts and boots. Little girls were ‘sugar and spice’ so floral prints, lace frills, boots and of course a hat to keep from getting freckles!


Tweed jacket, collarless shirt, waist coat, moleskins, cord, woollen or twill trousers, (perhaps a kilt), cloth cap, bowler hat or boater and leather boots. A beard, moustache, watch chain, bow tie, cravat, monocle, top hat if you’re a toff— look out the photographs of great-granddad